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The official, residents-only online channel for the Woodmoor-Pinecrest Citizens Association.

Please read our brief guidelines before joining:
Follow these steps to join:
  1. Please enroll only if you are a Woodmoor resident. We will verify that you live here before we approve you.
  2. Scroll down on this page, click "Apply For Membership In This Group," and follow the instructions.
  3. You'll receive an email titled "Confirm your email." Click "Confirm account," and create a password.*
  4. You'll receive an email titled "Confirm your name and street address." Respond with your name and street address.*
  5. That's it! We'll approve your membership shortly. If you have questions, email main+owner@woodmoor.groups.io .
*Failure respond to both emails within 12 hours will result in your subscription request being rejected. Check your spam folder if either email is missing.

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