Woodmoor Connects! Group guidelines.

This group is for Woodmoor residents only. By joining, you agree to abide by the following:

1. Be honest, respectful, and polite. 
If you disagree with someone, comment on the idea, not the person. Be forgiving of other people's mistakes. If you wouldn't say it to someone's face, don't say it here. Also, if you want to have a back-and-forth conversation with another person, please do it off the list.
2. If you object to a post because you feel it is inappropriate or abusive: 
Do NOT address it on the group. Please contact the moderator at the address below.
3. Avoid political or religious commentary. 
This includes endorsements or criticisms of any politician, or of any political or religious views.
4. Be cautious when having a discussion here about a neighbor. 
Keep in mind that the person is likely a member of this group and is reading your messages.
5. If you are promoting your own service: 
We require you to insert a space followed by #myservice at the end of your subject line or use the "Add Tags" dropdown menu on the group web "New Topic" page.
6. Forwarding private emails to the list requires the express consent of all originating parties.
7. Do not post photos of suspicious or undesirable activity.
If you suspect someone of engaging in illegal or undesirable activity, do not post photos of them here. Doing so may unintentionally cause them harm.
8. Use hashtags when possible.
Hashtags make it easy for members to focus on posts that are of interest and filter out things that are not. You can find a list here: https://woodmoor.groups.io/g/main/hashtags . For more information: https://woodmoor.groups.io/g/main/message/55713 
9. For posts regarding COVID-19 protection.
If you post information or advice specifically about COVID virus protection, you must accompany it with a link to a MEDICAL or PUBLIC HEALTH SOURCE.

10. Groups.io terms of service.
This group runs on the groups.io platform. Groups.io's terms of service can be viewed here: https://groups.io/static/tos .


Straying from these guidelines may result in a friendly email from the moderator. Serious or repeated violations will result in temporary restrictions on posting or removal from the group.

For help or comments, reply to this message or email woodmoor+owner@groups.io . For more detailed instructions on using groups.io, visit https://groups.io/g/GroupManagersForum/wiki/home . 

Many thanks! 
Your Moderators

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